Modular Implants

For patients who suffer from bone and joint tumours, or from severe trauma, or who need to undergo revision surgery, implants are tailored to give optimum function in fitment, stability and anatomic reconstruction of the missing skeletal tissue. In order to reduce the inventory of the vast number of sizes and variety of implants, modular parts connected by a taper-lock configuration offer an advantage in prefabricating small interlocking parts, which can be used to form various implants. Once these modular components are interlocked, it is almost impossible to separate them using forces equivalent to those acting on the skeleton. Therefore these modular parts, when mated, are considered to be permanently fixed. This modularity, offered by the variety of standard components, allows the surgical team to match intraoperatively the parts of the implant that will replace the damaged bone tissue and bridge the gap in the patient’s skeleton.

ATTRI Orthopaedics offers such modular implants, which can replace long bones and joints in the upper and lower limbs. These implants are termed “megaprostheses”, or “tumour-implants”, or implants for “limb-salvage operations”.

Tumour prostheses are invariably used to reconstruct defects affecting the skeleton caused by tumours, or by severe trauma, infections, or revisions. In other words, these prostheses, not only replace large skeletal defects but also provide sites for tendon reattachments.

The categories covered by ATTRI Orthopaedics for Upper Limbs are:

The categories covered by ATTRI Orthopaedics for Lower Limbs are: