A scapular prosthesis is of a combination of custom and modular designs. It is 95% of the anatomical size of the patient’s natural scapula and accepts modular glenoid cups, or a socket and bipolar bearing. The glenoid cup has a highly polished, ceramic-coated surface and can articulate with the natural head of the humerus. The glenoid socket has a highly polished ceramic-coated inner surface which articulates with the UHMWPE liner of the bipolar bearing. The epiphyseal component of the proximal humerus has suture sites for the reattachment of the deltoid and rotator-cuff muscles. The material of the prosthesis encompasses a 3D printed medical grade titanium scapula, a medical grade UHMWPE liner and a cobalt-chromium bearing, while the glenoid cup, glenoid socket and epiphyseal component are made from machined titanium. For longer resection of the humerus, other modular components may be used from ATTRI’s inventory