Distal Femur

An implant replacing the knee joint together with a large segment of the femur.

A small segment from the top of the tibia is replaced with a plateau, which together with the femoral condyles of the implant, provides the articulating surface.

The distal femur is of a constrained, rotating-hinge-knee type and it is inclined at a 5o valgus angle. It allows 15o mediolateral rotation and 130o flexion.

There are three sizes available, large, medium and small for the right and left sides. The most popular sizes are the medium for adults and the small for children or for small frame adults.

The medium and the small size condyles offer minimum resection lengths of 112 mm and 108 mm respectively, measured from the knee-joint line to the level of resection. Thereafter, extensions are available for large defects of the femur, at intervals of 10 mm.

The implant is made of titanium TiAl6V4 alloy, UHMWPE, CoCrMo and PEEK materials. The articulation surface of the femoral condyles is coated with titanium oxide.