Proximal Tibia

The proximal tibia implant is a combination of the proximal tibia component and a resurfacing component for the femoral condyles, articulated in a constrained manner. There are two variations of the proximal tibia:

  • The minimal resection proximal tibia offers a reconstruction length of 68 mm measured from the joint line to the level of resection.
  • The large resection proximal tibia offers a variety of reconstruction lengths of the shaft of the tibia. The smallest length of this component is 103 mm and it can be increased by increments of 10 mm using extensions.

Both types of proximal tibias offer a reattachment site for the patellar tendon. This site has porous structures, as well as a screw-and-clamp system, which assist in securing the patellar tendon on the implant, either by sutures, or by a clamp. It can also allow the incorporation of bone fragments at the site to accelerate osseointegration.

 Both types of proximal tibias can accommodate modular osseointegration rings at the level of resection.

Proximal tibia of large resection type

Proximal tibia of minimal resection type